Top 6 Custom T-Shirt Printing Ideas for Your Bachelorette Party

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You’re the maid (or man) of honor, and you’re planning your best friend’s bachelorette party. There’s just one problem: you’re stuck on what kind of gift you should give to those coming to the bachelorette party. 

You don’t need to stress because you can give one great gift to every attendee: custom printed T-shirts. 

Maybe you’re stuck on what sort of design to put on a T-shirt for custom T-shirt printing. Again, no need to worry because you can consult this list!

Here are some top seven custom T-shirt printing ideas for your (or your friend’s) bachelorette party. 

1. “Wife” of the Party and Other Corny Designs

You can go funny when it comes to custom T-shirt printing! Make your own shirts with the corniest phrases on them. 

“Wife of the party” for the bride-to-be plus accompanying T-shirts saying “the party” or some iteration of this is corny but also heartwarming. 

You could go another route on the funny train with a classic “maid of dishonor” design and follow suit with other related T-shirt ideas for the bride and the other attendees. Go with superlatives if that helps, such as “most likely to get wasted” or “all aboard the happy hour train” to help get people laughing. 

A bachelorette party should be fun. Make it even more fun when you make your own shirts. We promise you won’t go overboard with your shirts. 

2. Make Your Custom Printed T-Shirts Rhyme

Everyone loves a good rhyme. Not only is it funny and clever, but the bride will appreciate the creativity. 

Here are a few ideas to help you get started on a rhyme design (see, we rhymed just now!): 

  • “Raising hell before wedding bells”
  • “Bride or die”
  • “Changing my last name, but first: champagne”

Feel free to get creative! Let your poetic skills shine to make the most clever T-shirt design for the bachelorette party. 

3. Go Disney Princess (or Just Princess)

Every bride wants to feel like a princess on their big day. Help set the tone for that by getting custom T-shirt printing designs for a princess! 

Does anyone else want to say “Bibbidi bobbidi I do”? There are so many great ways you can incorporate the Disney princesses for your bachelorette party T-shirts. 

Is one of your bridesmaids a bookworm? Give her a T-shirt with Belle on it and a fun bridesmaid phrase like “I’d rather have books than boys.” Maybe someone is more like Rapunzel, in which case you can write “Still looking for my Eugene Fitzherbert” (aka Flynn Rider). 

Don’t be afraid to nerd out with your T-shirts, whether it’s Disney princesses or another fandom. 

4. Make It Nerdy for Your Fandom Faves

Go big and bold with another fandom for your bachelorette T-shirts. Let’s explore some fun fandom-related custom T-shirt printing ideas below. 

Go Marvel or Go Home

The Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as a resurging interest in the Marvel comics, has taken the world by storm. It can take your bachelorette party by storm too! 

Your bridesmaids are your Avengers, so assemble! 

The Magical Power of the Wizarding World

Another huge fandom you could incorporate into your custom printed T-shirts for your bachelorette party is none other than the Boy Who Lived Himself! 

Like Marvel, there are so many great characters to incorporate into your group T-shirts. It’s either that or getting clever with some fun spells. 

Avada some vodka! Accio snack-io! I solemnly swear I’m getting hitched. 

Pop It Up With Ariana Grande or Other Pop Stars

You could go the song lyrics route. Of course, Ariana Grande has some good ones that could work well for bachelorette parties’ custom printed T-shirts. Don’t break up with your girlfriend… marry her instead! 

That said, you could go another route with Lady Gaga, Beyonce, or any other iconic pop singer. 

5. A More Relaxed Design Works Too

Not everything has to be big, and that goes for your bachelorette party. For those brides who may be more introverted, you may opt for a quieter environment with your friends. In that case, you may also want a quieter design too. 

A simple design like “Bride” and “Bride’s Crew” can work well to keep the evening focused on the bride. It can also make it easy to identify each other if the party is in a crowded place. 

6. Go Logo

How cool would it be if, as a bride or bridesmaid, you got a customized T-shirt with a personalized logo for your occasion? 

If you or someone you know is a talented artist, you can commission a special logo for the bride and her party. This may sound like a lot of work. However, once the logo is created, all you need to do is find the best screen printer in Los Angeles and print the T-shirts. 

Make the occasion more special with something even more personalized. Besides, after the year the world has had, it’s time to celebrate what we had to put on hold. Some people are even doing their bachelorette parties one year after their originally planned wedding date. 

Get Your Custom T-Shirt Printing for Your Bachelorette Party Today

These top seven design ideas for your custom T-shirt printing should give you a starting place for what T-shirts you want the bride and bridesmaids to have for the bachelorette party. 

Sometimes when you make your own shirts, it’s so fun to get everything personalized! It can make the celebration special. Besides, you want to give every bride a gift, so you might as well give them a T-shirt to remember the occasion by! 

Start your design today with The Discovertee’s Design Studio, and we can help you fill in the gaps! We’ll make your ideas come to reality as a great screen print company. 

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