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Looking for screen printing Los Angeles? Our years of offering satisfied customers professional, high-quality silk-screen merchandise and apparel is the reason we are going strong in Los Angeles. We love doing what you want and giving your screen printing order exactly as what you had in mind, no matter what design you need printed.

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What is Screen Printing?

Most people have closets full of screen-printed t-shirts. Shirts are designed with screen printing to convey messages, confess love, commemorate an anniversary or for advertising purposes. It is also used to show you ran in a marathon, or to promote your favorite band.

Screen printing is a method of stenciling involving printing ink through a stencil made from a porous mesh fabric stretched on a screen frame. A printing technique, screen printing is the transfer of ink onto a substrate in which a mesh is used. Some areas of the mesh are not ink-permeable by a stencil which blocks some areas.

Squeegees or blades are moved upon the screen, filling the apertures of open mesh with ink. The reversing stroke causes the substrates to be momentarily touched by the screen along a contact link. Thus, screen printing consists of five elements. These are the printing stations, ink, scraper, screen printing plate, and garment.

This causes the garment to get wet by the ink and pullout of the apertures of the mesh as the screen bounces back after the pass of the blade. Multicolored designs and images can be produced by many screens. One color is printed at a time. The same technique has various names. The process was traditionally called silkscreen printing or screen printing because silk was the process used. It is also called serigraph printing or serigraphy. These days, the polyester mesh is popularly used.

Screen Printing Process
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Screen Printing Los Angeles

We at Discovertee are a group of established, professional screen printers that ensure a high level of quality for all the screen printing Los Angeles you or your business needs. We understand that the t-shirts you have printed will be your brand extension. We want to help your business make a great impression and put its best foot toward the highest quality screen printing results in Los Angeles.

The products we produce are done within clear time tables. Our clients need to know when their t-shirts will be ready. In other words, we don’t disappoint. We understand the value of a satisfied client and aim to exceed your every expectation for every order you make. Choosing Discovertee ensures great quality, timely delivery, and truly professional workmanship.

Family operated and owned, Discovertee is run by a team of expert professionals with more than thirty-five years of combined experience in the printing and design industry. The years of experience combined with updated knowledge about the newest trends and technology make us silk-screening rock stars.

You, our customer, comes first. Every product with our name on it was created and conceived with the highest quality control and is meant to last. We have been in the business this long for a good reason. We are proud to say our clientele keeps coming back as repeat customers and we gladly welcome you to the family on your very first order.

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Customers reviews

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 Arman V.
Arman V.
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I get all my company shirt printing and embroidery done from Discovertee. They always give me amazing pricing and are always very nice and helpful. Definitely recommend them over a lot of other places I've been to. Superior quality.
 Mikel L.
Mikel L.
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These guys are AMAZING!!! It is a family oriented establishment and they do such an incredible job. They are always precise in their printing and so helpful! Jose is the nicest businessman i've ever met and he puts 110% everyday! Flagrant LA will always go to them for their work as our fans and customers are absolutely in love with their work! THANK YOU DISCOVERTEE!!!!
J J.
J J.
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Wonderful company to work with. I was in a bind and needed 70 backpacks embroidered within a few days, and they did excellent work and quoted me a fair price. I definitely recommend them and will use them again!
 lourdes b.
lourdes b.
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I love this company. We were in a last minute bind and I found them on yelp. I called Irene and pleaded my needs. She accommodated our team with beautiful shirts.We won State Championships so, we ordered more shirts,jackets, swag bags, and flags for World Championship. A+ Mustangs says THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.
 Mariana G.
Mariana G.
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I had Discovertee do tshirts for my organization more than a year ago and I can say that after multiple washes and wearing my tshirt at least one a month, it is still in great condition. Irene is great and she'll get back to you very quick. Would recommend in a heart bit!

People love us on Yelp!

The Benefits of Screen Printing

Wholesale Cost Effectiveness

Discovertee features wholesale cost effectiveness. This means the more your order, the less you need to pay. If you order more shirts, you get better prices. Also, there are no minimum orders. If you need custom shirts for one-time events or a few sample orders just for a business plan, you can't go wrong with Discovertee. Order the number of shirts you need, no matter how many. Keep in mind that you spend less when you order more!

Quick Turnarounds

The Discovertee Screen Printnig works highly advanced automated machines with multiple heads, which allows us to print hundreds of shirts an hour. We create clean screen printed designs with fast turnarounds.

Soft Hand Feel

For clients looking for a soft hand feel The Discovertee screen printing offers water-based/Discharge Inks. You get a soft hand feel on 100 percent cotton shirts you order. You will love how soft the entire shirt feels unlike other printers that produce hard, textured, stiff ink.

Special Effect Inks

Looking for something special? The Discovertee features glow in the dark inks, water-base, plastisol, discharge, Foil, Puff. You can create your own designs using all the different special effects we have to offer. The sky is the limit when it comes to silk printing your custom made designs using a lot of different types of inks.

Great Finish

Screen printing by Discovertee produces vibrant colors that are hard to replicate by other printing techniques. Direct to garment (DTG) techniques use black, yellow, magenta and cyan dots for recreating the image and while this method is great for detail-replication, the design literally pales when compared to screen-printed designs.

Straightforward Process

Screen printing is a basic process that does not change regardless if it’s automated or done by hand. This means that the process is readily available and will be for years. This means that you get the product you need in a timely manner without any complications.


It is hard to find a printing method as versatile as screen printing. It can be done on almost any garment as long as it is flat, You can also custom-make any design you have in mind. The Discovertee will make it happen.


Silk printing is far and wide recognized as the best way to produce the best color results for any commercial printing process. The use of high-quality inks enables excellent graphics with great color and hue vibrancy and superior color saturation.

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Ordering Process

Submitting an Enquiry

Our ordering process is straightforward. The first step involves submitting a printing inquiry. You simply let us know about your screen printing project. You can do this either by calling us through (818) 220-7502 or sending us an email at

Artwork Preparation

This stage involves developing the artwork design. At this level, quality is paramount. If the artwork falls short of the crucial requirements, modifications must then be done. Once the artwork is completed and is put in the right format, a digital mock-up copy is sent to the customer via email for approval.

Screen Printing Process

After approval of the digital mock-up, our team of professionals embarks on preparing the films and screens for your project, followed by the silk printing process. Our highly advanced automated screen printing machines ensures that we generate a clean finish with a fast turnaround.

Your Order is Ready!

This is the best part of it. The order is ready for delivery. It's your time to experience the elegance that comes with freshly printed apparel. For inquiries, feel free to contact us through (818) 220-7502 or send us an email to Or visit our offices located at 12424 Montague Street, Los Angeles,

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With our easy to use online Design Studio. Choose from 13,000 clip arts and design ideas or upload your own logo! The Discovertee is the t-shirt printing expert for your team, school, company, or any occasion.

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Screen Printing Placement Guide

Sizing shown is approximate and will vary in appearance depending on size, style, and brand of garment. Adult mock ups represent a standard unisex M/L t-shirt.

Screen Printing Placement Layout

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest size you can screen print?

Our max size to print is 15” wide and 19” long

Do you have a minimum for printing?

Yes, our minimum for screen printing is 12 quantity. If you are looking for lower quantities 1-12 direct to garment printing is the way to go.

What is the max number of colors you print?

Our max colors on the press are 8 color, but we able to print with a technique that allows the art to appear to have more than 8 colors.

Can I mix the sizes to meet the 12 quantity?

Yes, you can mix up the sizes and colors of the shirts as long as the artwork and colors of the artwork is the same. Additional fees apply starting with t-shirt size XXL. 

Is it the same price for a small left chest design or a max size art?

We base the pricing on the number of colors your design is, not by the size of the design.

How do you price a screen printing project?

Pricing is based on the number of colors you design is per side, the quantity, if it includes any special inks, and the cost of the shirts.

Can I provide my own shirts?

Yes, you can provide your own shirts! But should any damages occur we replace with similar – not the same- apparel after our 5% liability free rule.

Do I pay now?

Yes, payment must be received when an order is placed.

Do you offer rush screen printing?

Yes, and at no additional fee, but it is only offered depending on the date requested and availability.

What happens if I am missing a few shirts in my order at pickup?

All orders have a 5% liability free rule. Some shirts can be damaged during printing. Because of this, there may be instances where a shirt is missing. We strongly recommend ordering a few extras to account for this possibility if it is absolutely vital to get every single shirt. We always strive to make sure everything comes out great! But if there is a shortage with your order, we will refund or credit you for the difference- the cost of the print only. Example: You paid for 20 for print and you received 19. You will be refunded or credited 1 shirt cost of print.

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With our easy to use online Design Studio. Choose from 13,000 clip arts and design ideas or upload your own logo!

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