Screen Printing FAQ

Most frequent Screen Printing questions and answers

Yes, our minimum for screen printing is 12 quantity.

Our max colors on the press are 8 color, but we able to print with a technique that allows the art to appear to have more than 8 colors.

Yes, you can mix up the sizes and colors of the shirts as long as the artwork and colors of the artwork is the same. Additional fees apply starting with t-shirt size XXL

Our max size to print is 14” wide and 18” long

We base the pricing on the number of colors your design is, not by the size of the design.

Pricing is based on the number of colors you design is per side, the quantity, if it includes any special inks, and the cost of the shirts.

Yes, you can provide your own shirts! But should any damages occur we replace with similar – not the same- apparel after our 5% liability free rule.

Yes, payment must be received when an order is placed.

Yes, and at no additional fee, but it is only offered depending on the date requested and availability.

All orders have a 5% liability free rule. Some shirts can be damaged during printing. Because of this, there may be instances where a shirt is missing. We strongly recommend ordering a few extras to account for this possibility if it is absolutely vital to get every single shirt. We always strive to make sure everything comes out great! But if there is a shortage with your order, we will refund or credit you for the difference- the cost of the print only. Example: You paid for 20 for print and you received 19. You will be refunded or credited 1 shirt cost of print.

Embroidery FAQ

Most frequent Embroidery questions and answers

A digitized logo tells our embroidery machines exactly how to stitch your logo, the stitch count density, where to start, where to end and so much more. 

The standard price usually runs at 45 dollars but varies depending on the complexity of your logo. If your logo is more complicated or if its a larger piece, the price will be higher. On the other hand if your logo is simple the price will be lower.

Our recommended quantity is no less than one dozen pieces however we are flexible and can do lower quantities. Just keep in mind the cost per unit does significantly go higher. Email us for a free quote at info@thediscovertee.com.

Our embroidery turnaround time is 7-11 days but we can accommodate rush orders if it fits in our schedule. Just let us know ahead if the order is rush. 

The cost of embroidery depends on the number of units and the number of stitches your artwork has. The more detail/information your artwork has the higher the stitch count will be. 

Yes, you can bring in your own items for embroidery. We always double check specialty items to make sure we are able to embroider the items.


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