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Serving Southern California’s Los Angeles with the BEST embroidery services around! High end attention to detail and large selection of apparel, what are you waiting for? Get your embroidery order started today!

About our Embroidery Services

We are a custom embroidery service company located in Los Angeles California dedicated to the craft. With a combined experience of 35 years we are experts to all things embroidery! We provide a wide variety of services from digitizing your logo, hat embroidery, 3D puff embroidery and more! In addition we offer a wide variety of apparel from brand name marks we can embroider on or simply bring in your own apparel. Take a look at our video process below and experience the magic that happens at The Discovertee! Enjoy

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We work with multiple businesses, gyms and street wear brands in bringing their visions to life! Check out our portfolio or simply follow us on instagram and keep up to date on all our new projects!

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What Our Customers Have to Say

 J J.
J J.
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Wonderful company to work with. I was in a bind and needed 70 backpacks embroidered within a few days, and they did excellent work and quoted me a fair price. I definitely recommend them and will use them again!
 Sarah J.
Sarah J.
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I dropped off my stockings for embroidery and they are perfect. Even brought them to me in the parking lot so I didn't have to wake my sleeping baby.
 Sandra C.
Sandra C.
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Have really had the pleasure coming here since its so close to home but their service is amazing! Have gotten t-shirts done for a Disneyland Trip, XV Surprise Dance, and even for my Folklorico dance group. They have done printing and even embroidery for our group. We have been very satisfied with their work and truly recommend them for anything you may need!

Ordering Process

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Sumbit a embroidery inquiry

Let us know about your project! Get in touch with us now! Phone: (818) 220-7502, Email:, Location: Stop by our location. Contact us today!

Artwork Preparation Icon

Artwork Preparation

We convert your artwork into an embroidery ready powerhouse. This is done by converting your artwork into a digitized artwork. Simply put a digitized artwork tells our embroidery machines how to embroider your logo and exactly where to stitch for the perfect crispy finish your looking for!

Embroidery Process Icon

Embroidery Process

This is where our expertise comes in and we embroider your artwork exactly how you envisioned it. We work with highly advanced machines with multiple heads to create a clean embroidered design and a fast turnaround!

Order Ready icon

Order Ready!

We finally made it to the best part! The order is ready! The goods are delivered or you have just picked up your order! Now you can experience your freshly printed apparel and show it off to the world. We appreciate you for choosing us for your custom apparel shop!


Scratching your head and can’t get your head around what exactly it means to have your artwork digitized for embroidery? Well, we are here to help you understand it better! A digitized artwork can’t be achieved with programs we love like photoshop or illustrator. We use a highly advanced software specifically made for embroidery that programs your logo to be embroidery ready. The digitized artwork tells our machines exactly how to stitch your logo, the stitch count density, where to start, where to end and so much more.  

Embroidery digitize logo

For any inquiries please email

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Specialty Embroidery

3D Puff

Make your embroidery literally pop out with 3D puff. We achieve this technique by inserting a foam underneath the embroidery which gives the finish a 3D pop. This is a perfect way to make a statement! 

Puff 3D Embroidery
Metallic Gold Embroidery

Metallic Thread

Metallic threads are the perfect way to make your design shine! Metallic threads are made with fine metallic particles which gives a shiny and crispy finish. Perfect way to take your artworks to the next level. Metallic threads are only available in a select number of threads which include gold, silver, rose gold and bronze.


What does it mean to have my logo digitized?

A digitized logo tells our embroidery machines exactly how to stitch your logo, the stitch count density, where to start, where to end and so much more.  

how much does it cost to digitze my logo?

The standard price usually runs at 45 dollars but varies depending on the complexity of your logo. If your logo is more complicated or if its a larger piece, the price will be higher. On the other hand if your logo is simple the price will be lower.

Do you have a minimum quantity on embroidery orders?

Our recommended quantity is no less than one dozen pieces however we are flexible and can do lower quantities. Just keep in mind the cost per unit does significantly go higher. Email us for a free quote at

How long does it take to have my embroidery order ready?

Our embroidery turnaround time is 7-11 days but we can accommodate rush orders if it fits in our schedule. Just let us know ahead if the order is rush. 

How much does embroidery cost?

The cost of embroidery depends on the number of units and the number of stitches your artwork has. The more detail/information your artwork has the higher the stitch count will be. 


Yes, you can bring in your own items for embroidery. We always double check specialty items to make sure we are able to embroider the items.

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