The Importance of an Inside Tag Label

Inside tag label

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Did you know there’s an easy way to stand out among the crowd and make your clothing unique? Did you know this same, easy method provides additional benefits? The simple answer to standing out is an inside tag label. At the same time as helping your clothing remain unique, inside tag labels ensure you’re following necessary regulations and providing as much value to your customers as possible. 

Are you a little confused as to why an inside tag label is so important? Continue reading below for an in-depth explanation on what your inside tag label can do for your brand.

Provides Essential Information to the Customer

Clothing labels may be small, but they can provide plenty of essential information to your customers. We already discussed the need to include fiber content and country of origin. But you should also be including the garment’s size and washing information.

Garment Sizing

Including the size of the particular garment is essential. Otherwise, how will customers know the product fits them or the person they’re purchasing for?

Garment sizing will generally follow the industry guidelines for the country of origin. However, different countries use different size standards. For this reason, many clothing lines include size comparisons for other countries.

A size comparison can be included on your company’s website and doesn’t have to be included on the clothing tag. For the United States, most adult clothing (especially shirts) will be sized from XS to XXL. These stand for “extra small” to “extra-extra-large.”

Clothing Line Washing Instructions

You should also be including any special washing instructions on your clothing label. Many brands use symbols to save space, but instructions can also be written if preferred.

Special washing instructions may include:

  • Dry clean only
  • Clothes washer safe
  • Tumble dry
  • Don’t iron
  • Do not bleach
  • Use only non-chlorine bleach when needed
  • Wash separately
  • Temperature setting (when high heat would damage clothing)
  • Wash with like colors

There may be other special washing instructions for your garment. It’s important to remember you’ll have to prove the necessity for particular washing instructions. Sometimes having industry knowledge of fibers, dyes, and clothing in general is enough.

Helps Brand Your Business

The inside tag label is a perfect, easy way to market your brand with every piece of clothing you sell. To do this properly, you’ll want to have three things on every inside label. These include the brand name, tag line, and logo.

Brand Name

The brand name is generally your company’s name. If your clothing company has several different brand lines, you’ll want to include the individual line’s name also.

Let’s say, for example, your company is named Freedom. You have several brand lines, but the product you’re currently creating a tag for belongs to a line called Basics. Instead of only labeling the tag with “Freedom,” you’d label it with “Freedom: Basics.”


The tagline is your company’s motto. This is a phrase customers can immediately recognize as yours. It belongs on the inside label directly beneath the brand name.


A logo is a small symbol that represents your company. Even when a customer can’t recall your brand’s name, many will remember the logo.

The placement of your logo on the clothing tag varies. Many choose to place it directly beneath your company’s tagline. Others choose to place the logo at the very bottom, beneath all other necessary information.

Inside Tags Meet Legal Requirements

All clothing companies are legally required to disclose certain information to their customers on clothing labels. This information includes the country of origin and the fiber content.

The updated laws, according to the Federal Trade Commission, state that labels are required to disclose the country where the product originated. According to these guidelines, the country of origin is defined as where an imported product was either processed or manufactured.

To ease trade barriers between countries, labels are also required to identify clothing fibers using generic names. This means fibers must be identified by the most basic, commonly understood international names. 

But why is this information necessary? There are a few different reasons the FTC made these rules for clothing companies (particularly those who ship internationally). A few of the reasons include:

  • Some people are allergic to specific fibers
  • If there’s a problem with the product, the country of origin helps track this
  • Knowing exact fibers provides a better idea of the expected cost
  • Customers understand precisely what they’re receiving
  • Certain fibers may go against religious or cultural standards in certain countries or communities

There are likely other reasons the FTC made including country of origin and fiber content a legal requirement. However, the reasons above can help get an understanding of why.

More Questions About the Importance of an Inside Tag Label?

An inside tag label is important to your clothing brand for several reasons. It helps you meet legal requirements, provides essential information to customers, and helps brand your company.

Do you have more questions about the importance of an inside tag label? Or would you like to create custom shirts online for your business? Contact us today. One of our associates would be happy to answer any questions you still have. 

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