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custom printed t-shirts

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Did you know that 95% of all Americans wear T-shirts? And 76% of Americans have an emotional connection to a t-shirt designed by someone they know?

Wouldn’t you want your business brand to be on one of those t-shirts?

Custom printed t-shirts are a brilliant way to promote your own brand. You can easily sell them on your website or at your brick-and-mortar business.

Read on to discover how and why you should promote your brand with custom t-shirt printing.

How Can a Custom T-shirt Promote Your Business?

Custom t-shirts are a friendly, casual, and less invasive way to promote your brand. The reach of your brand on a t-shirt is endless.

A Walking Advertisement

In the digital marketing age gone are the days of standstill billboards. Custom t-shirts are the new “walking billboard.”

T-shirts can easily be distributed among the masses and for a much lower cost than renting a billboard. Not only can they be worn over and over but printed t-shirts consistently catch people’s attention and make a personal impression.

When you make your own shirts displaying your business brand, you create a visual connection with your clientele that can be distributed at local events and marketing campaigns. Or, worn casually at the grocery store.

Contest and Giveaways

Everyone loves a good freebie. You can use your custom branded t-shirt as an incentive to bring in new customers. 

Giving away a branded t-shirt or even custom hats embroidered with your brand at a business conference or some other event is a great way to reach new prospects and continue to keep your current customers invested in your brand.

Providing free swag such as a printed t-shirt is more often distributed way faster than any business card and much less likely to end up in a trash bin.

Creates Conversation

Not only is a graphic-designed t-shirt visually attractive but it also starts a conversation around your business.

Wouldn’t you want people talking about your business? Visually appealing style stimulates curiosity and conversation.

Simply distributing your custom t-shirts in public and social events will attract attention to your brand and get people talking about your company. Over and over again.

Benefits of Custom Printed T-shirts

There are numerous benefits to creating your own branded t-shirt such as cost, quality, and your own unique design.

They Are Cheap!

As mentioned before one of the biggest advantages of custom-made t-shirts is their low cost.

Compared to commercial, radio, billboard, or magazine advertisements t-shirts are your cheap alternative.

Not only are newspaper and radio ads becoming outdated but their initial costs can surprise you. T-shirts provide a fresh and modern advertisement that isn’t as overlooked or ignored as the typical radio shoutout and has a one-time affordable cost.

Custom t-shirts are your affordable investment that can be ordered through a screen print company that offers wholesale screen printing and then be distributed for further outreach to future customers.

Create Your Own Personal Design

To get started all you need is a basic t-shirt, a screen print company, and your personal vision.

Not only are custom t-shirts an amazing marketing strategy and a cheaper option but you also get to include your own personal design and taste. 

Some tips to take into consideration when designing your own t-shirts:

  1. Make sure your design looks good on both paper and the t-shirt.
  2. Make your company Logo visible even from a distance.
  3. Avoid cheap fabric and invest in good quality.

With your own unique vision and a custom t-shirt printing company, you will be able to stir up excitement for your growing business and feel a part of it.

Ways to Market Custom T-Shirts

It is easy to send out a typical t-shirt to the general population but if you want to draw attention to your brand you need to implement the following tips.

1. Make Your Print Large and Informative

Custom t-shirt printing needs to include a logo, your company’s name, website, and phone number. The print needs to be large and easily visible to a casual passerby.

Use bright colors with a large font on your shirts that employees can wear outside and act as a moving advertisement for your business.

2. Have Employee Uniforms

Not only can custom printed t-shirts be used as free swag but also as employee uniforms.

Employee uniforms create a visual for your clients that you are a professional and approachable company. When an employee wears a custom-made uniform, they continually endorse your brand and make a great first impression.

3. Provide Company Swag

Your employees are amazing marketing opportunities. When your business team is invested and proud of the company they work for they won’t mind representing your business outside of the job.

Gifting your employees with custom hats embroidered with your brand or hoodies and shirts allows them to spread the word after hours.

Employees can feel proud to represent where and who they work for while providing you free advertisement.

4. Be Strategic With Your Branding

Everything included in your t-shirt design needs to match all other marketing strategies. Be consistent in your branding. Your logo, message, and colors need to match any other business promotions.

When you create a brand for your business you create a professional identity that needs to be recognized in all marketing designs such as billboards and your business website. Your custom t-shirts are no exception.

Create Your Business Custom T-shirts 

Custom printed t-shirts are amazing marketing tools that are easy to design, affordable, a walking advertisement, and great conversation starters.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to promote your brand and enjoy the benefits of cheap and effective advertising.

Check out our design studio and make your own shirts that will benefit your business today!

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