Clothing Advertising: The Benefits of Company T-Shirts

clothing advertising

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Company t-shirts are one of the most effective ways to market your business.

If you’re not making use of clothing advertising for your company, then you’re missing out on endless free marketing. T-shirts are like walking billboards and if you nail the design, you’ll have people advertising your business in far-reaching places.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an auto shop or a clothing boutique, company t-shirts will help boost brand awareness and sales. In this post, we’re going to discuss some of the incredible benefits that you’ll see when you start making company t-shirts.

Low-Cost Marketing

The cost of designing and producing t-shirts is extremely low when you weigh it against the amount of advertising that you get in return. With millions of people in Los Angeles, even just a hundred t-shirts sold could make a huge difference in developing a brand and recognition all over town.

Advertising these days is so singularly focused on online outlets, entrepreneurs often forget the value of physical advertising through things like billboards, newspaper ads, and yes, t-shirts.

Endless Shelf Life

When you pay to put up an ad online, on TV, or in a magazine, you may get a few days or, at most, a couple of weeks out of it. If you want to keep the ad running, then you’ve got to keep paying for it. 

It’s a bit different with t-shirts. You pay a one-time fee to design and produce the shirts, then once they’re distributed to the people, they could be worn for years on end. If you have to pay to produce more t-shirts, that means that your campaign has gone really well.

Brand Awareness

Everything small businesses do to promote themselves online is in the grand effort to build brand awareness. Branding is important because it’s how you develop a look and voice that future customers can identify with your company. It sounds easy enough, but creating a brand that people are actually going to care about is hard work.

Making company t-shirts gives you the chance to not only develop a brand logo, but create a lot of brand awareness. You might start to find customers that wouldn’t have thought of you otherwise just because they saw your t-shirt, liked it, and sought your business out.

Building a Community

When you’re successful in building brand awareness, you can start to create a community around your business and the personalities within it. If you can implement a successful t-shirt campaign along with a strong social media presence and other marketing tools like SEO and blogging, you’ll be able to bring together people from all different walks of life around your company.

The loyalty that you can generate among this group of people will be invaluable both for attracting new customers and building a solid customer base for your company. 

Start Clothing Advertising ASAP

Now that you understand the many benefits of clothing advertising, you can start your t-shirt marketing campaign ASAP. To learn more about how to design and order t-shirts in bulk, visit us at Discovertee. We’re one of the top screen printers in LA, so whether you’ve got a design you want printed to a tee or you need help designing your shirt, we can help.

Contact us today to discuss all of your t-shirt needs.

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