6 T-Shirt Design Tips for Awesome Creations

T-Shirt design tips

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Did you know that t-shirt design is becoming a popular mode of expression for creatives in every industry?

No wonder more brands, teams, and events are creating more customized shirts than ever! Are you curious about what a customized shirt can offer your group?

Read our article to learn about 6 t-shirt design tips for awesome creations like a customized shirt!

1. Create a Custom T-Shirt Design Full of Personality

The best t-shirt design ideas are original and full of personality. Designing a shirt does not have to be stressful or complicated.

There are plenty of t-shirt design online options that can help get you started. Begin by contemplating what originally inspired you to design your new shirt.

Play with elements that are synonymous with your brand, logo, and theme. The goal is to create a shirt that people can easily associate with your brand!

Having fun with the shirt design process will ensure that you create a product that your team, clients, and your audience will enjoy.

An awesome creation should not be a mere replication of another successful design.

Enjoy the process of brainstorming the unique thing your brand has to offer the world.

How can your new shirt design display your gifts to the world? Answering this question will help you create an awesome creation!

2. Use a T-Shirt Design Maker for an Awesome Creation

A design maker is a wonderful tool to help you get started with the design process. The shirt design maker has all of the essential elements needs to create your new shirt.

You can add images, color, and font to your shirt designs within these design tools. All you have to bring is your winning idea!

Finding a shirt design maker does not need to be stressful or complicated either. Try our online shirt designer!

There are hundreds of design maker options available online. The best part is, most of them are free to use!

It is a good idea to begin by contemplating what type of material and color your base shirt will be. These design elements can affect your color choices for future fonts and images.

Did you and your team spend countless hours on your new shirt design? Make sure that work does not go to waste!

Online shirt design makers can be effortless to use due to their layering abilities.

Every aspect of your design can be broken down into manageable layers so that you can bring your vision to life!

3. Experiment With Bright and Bold Color Palettes

Color is a foundational element of any shirt design. Understanding how colors work together can help you create an awesome creation in no time.

The safe option is to design on a blank canvas like white or black shirts. However, you are here to learn how to design something awesome, right?

Begin your new shirt design journey with a selection of bright and bold color palettes! A bright base color for your new shirt is a great place to start.

Choosing a color palette for your text and artwork will help keep your new design remain cohesive. 

For example, If your base color for your shirt is orange then consider extending your color palette with pinks and yellows!

4. Choose a Fresh Font That Is Easy to Read

The right font can become all the artwork your new shirt design needs. Fonts are vital to the readability of your t-shirt. 

Spend time choosing thoughtful fonts that express the personality of your brand yet are easy to read.

Not finding the perfect font for your new shirt? Consider creating your own! There are plenty of free font creator tools online.

If this is is too limiting, however, it is possible to draw your own font design from scratch as well. Your graphic design team will be excited to tackle this new challenging project!

5. Don’t Forget Your Brand Name and Logo!

Your new shirt will become a walking advertisement for your event, brand, and team. Make sure that your awesome creation lets everyone know who made it!

Including your brand name and logo is vital to spreading brand awareness and fostering a sense of unity for everyone who wears it.

Adding your brand name and logo is as easy as signing your work. However, your brand name and logo can be the focal point of the design as well.

Do you not have a logo yet? Now could be the perfect time to create one! Logos, mascots, and characters are attractive design ideas for an eye-catching awesome creation.

6. Include Social Media Handles and Hashtags

Social media is the latest tool that every designer is utilizing. Social media integration can lead whoever sees your new shirt to your social media profiles and website!

How do you integrate social media into your new shirt design? It is much easier than you may imagine.

Simply include your social media handle or hashtag in the shirt design. Social media can be seamlessly integrated into the back of your shirt design.

This makes it easy for people to read against the flat surface of a back and prevents social media integration from disrupting your new shirt design!

How Will You Use These T-Shirt Design Tips?

Now you are aware of 6 new t-shirt design tips for awesome creations. How will you use these design tips for your next shirt?

If you still need help bringing your new design to life, feel free to contact us so that our team of experts can point you in the right direction! Enjoy designing your new awesome creation!

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