5 Tips for Designing a Great Company Shirt

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Did you know that a company’s promotional budget should be around 12 to 20 percent? When you want to create exposure for your business, a company shirt could add a lot of value to your company. If you want tips on designing the best company shirt, you came to the right place.

Read on to learn these tips for designing a company shirt.

1. Communicate the Message

When coming up with a company shirt design, it’s important to focus on the central message. While you might want to include your company’s full name on the t-shirt, you might need to decide if people will get enough time to read it.

The person wearing your company t-shirt will be on the move, and the viewer will have a limited amount of time to read it. 

As you create the text and message of your company design, think of ways to make the message short and sweet. Rather than including a lot of text, maybe you can create a recognizable logo or a slogan. 

2. What Is the Purpose of the Shirt?

When designing the best company shirt, you need to think of its purpose. For starters, do you want to use it as merchandise, swag, internal usage, or sourvenirs? The design of the shirt will vary depending on the general purpose. 

For example, if you want to create a swag or promotional gift, keep in mind the design will be for people who are not familiar with your brand. You will need to familiarize them with your brand name and slogan. 

However, if you want to create a shirt for a company retreat, you will want to include information about the event. The shirt should have the name of the event, dates, and even an inspirational quote. 

3. Whole Design

As you develop a design for your company’s shirt, you need to brainstorm how all of the different components will work as a whole. 

Even if you like the font or color scheme of one design, you have to consider if it fits well with the entire finished product. For example, the color of the shirt and the logo needs to match cohesively. 

4. Special Font

While the logo on the shirt is a vital component, so it’s the font. To make the design more personal, some companies decide to create the typography by hand lettering the shirt.

Rather than using conventional typography, hand lettering warms up the design of the shirt.

5. Stay Clear of Complex Visuals

Unlike posters, images, and billboards, shirts wrinkle, move around and even get tucked in. 

If you create a complex visual, the chances of getting distorted in the design are quite high. To avoid distorting the message, ensure you stick to simple and straight-to-the-point designs. 

Are You Ready to Create the Best Company Shirt

Now that you know how to design a company shirt, it’s time you put your skills to the test. 

When you want to create a company shirt, start by communicating the message, have a purpose, choose the typography, and stay clear of complex visuals.

 Are you ready to create a great company shirt? Contact us to get started.

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